Review Course Section Quiz 02


SQ 2.1     Calculate the Apparent Power (S) for a 120-volt inductive motor with a resistance of 35.9 ohms and an inductive reactance of 26.7 ohms. Power Factor Correction: Apparent power is measured in Volt-Amps, True power is measured in Watts, and Reactive power is measured in Volt-Amps-Reactive (VAR’s)

Power Factor
SQ 2.2     Calculate the True Power (P) for the 120-volt inductive motor in question SQ 2.1.
SQ 2.3     Short circuit analysis is typically calculated at critical points in an electrical system. Which of the following would not be considered a critical point.
SQ 2.4     What size 480-volt, 3-phase electrical service should a building with a demand load of 124.5 kVA have?
SQ 2.5     A typical LED (light emitting diode) lamp has a life expectancy of __________ hours.

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